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InterGlobix has become a voice of Infrastructure for Internet and other related telecommunications technologies for the construction of data centers, for application of technology to assist economic development. I am pleased to be involved with InterGlobix publication and the message it is conveying.

Co-Founder of the Internet Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist

The magazine looks amazing! Glad we were able to be included in the inaugural publication amongst such interesting content. Look forward to reading the rest of the content and seeing future editions as you grow, great job!

Vice President, Strategic Development

I’ve been in the Industry almost 30 years. To date, I have never come across a higher level of industry coverage or the inclusion of so many fascinating topics from all sectors of our ecosystem. The magazine is professional, technical and personal. I can only hope that I am reading it for years and years to come. This was a great kickoff publication and you can count me in as a loyal follower and enthusiast.

Chief Revenue Officer, QTS Data Centers
Co-Founder & Member, QTS Richmond NAP
Founder, IEIC

When I picked up a copy of the Interglobix Magazine, I knew it was something special. It is a joy to hold and peruse. Quickly, I was immersed in the content. The selections provide a balance of timely, informative articles about global connectivity and data centers as well as entertaining human interest and travel pieces. I am excited to receive the next issue.

Business Attraction Manager
Henrico County Economic Development Authority

A spectacular magazine, I received my copy during NANOG75 and found myself reading it late into the night. The quality of the articles and interviews on Data Centers, Subsea trends, and interconnection is excellent. Great idea having these hot industry topics intermixed with luxury and liesure, great publication!

Head of Sales North America

InterGlobix Magazine has brought together a collection of relevant service provider experts in a publication that provides a wide swath of industry insights and information. The articles are relevant to today’s market and are written by some of the most influential leaders in our industry. Couple this with the luxury and lifestyle articles, and it is a publication that keeps you interested cover to cover. It was a pleasure to read the first publication and I look forward to many more!

Vice President, Network Strategy

My sincere congratulations on the premier issue of InterGlobix magazine. Topical content bringing together the worlds of connectivity and the data center in beautiful package, nicely done!

Mike Jonas
President, Global Customer Operations

Any new venture comes with risk... after the first issue of InterGlobix magazine arrived, I knew immediately it was a risk worth taking. Aesthetically the magazine is a quality publication: luxurious and beautiful. The content is truly impressive. InterGlobix has done a brilliant job presenting both relevant and timely content produced by a wide swath of industry experts. The content is both insightful and actionable. It's heavy on detail but light in tone. A truly special combination of qualitative and quantitative, business and pleasure. I highly recommend a subscription and I can't wait for the next publication.

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InterGlobix Magazine is the first magazine of it’s kind in the industry focused on Data Centers, Connectivity, Luxury and Lifestyle with a global presence.

An ode to the data center industry, InterGlobix Magazine recognizes the key shapers behind this relatively young industry. It is a forerunner in featuring information about the leading companies, experts, and technologies of the industry. Every issue highlights the latest on data centers and connectivity, along with the best in luxury and lifestyle.

InterGlobix Magazine is owned by InterGlobix LLC, a global consulting company focused on the convergence of datacenters, terrestrial fiber and subsea fiber.

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