2022 Predictions & Trends: Andy Power

President & Chief Financial Officer

What are your top leadership priorities for 2022?

Under the leadership of our CEO, Bill Stein, and the support of our Board, I have been given the good fortune of great learning experiences. 2022 will see me moving into the President’s seat as a continuation of that learning, to lead Digital Realty successfully into the future.

My focus for the year is to meet with customers more, understand their challenges and the role data is playing in their strategy today so that we can continue to deliver what they need most to propel them for the future.

In addition, 2022 includes prioritizing two major customer segments: enterprises and service providers. On the enterprise side, that involves expanding the capabilities of PlatformDIGITAL® to better support customers’ hybrid IT architecture strategies and global roadmaps.

As our enterprise clients continue to embrace digital transformation strategies, they’re moving from on-premises to hybrid IT locations using numerous cloud and service providers and connecting in physical and virtual formats. 2022 will see us further accelerate our capabilities in this regard so we can better provide alternatives for any business looking to reposition its workloads and connect globally, across multiple formats.

At the same time, we’ll continue providing the support and connected data communities that our customers need to drive collaboration, security and compliance, innovation, and growth.

What do you see as key growth areas?

We’ll continue to expand our ability to access capital to cost-effectively fund the growth of our business. Drawing on the agility Digital Realty is known for, we will continue to strengthen our platform for our customers, focusing on innovation, unlocking the power of data, bringing new and exciting products to market.