Accelerating Digital Transformation, Sustainably

Bringing connectivity and digitalization to the world faster than ever

If the last couple years have taught our industry anything, it’s that people, businesses, and society need more digital connectivity than ever. Old systems are being replaced, new road routes are being developed, and infrastructure solutions increasingly involve more flexibility and customization.

At Hexatronic, building this more connected and more future-proof world is at the heart of everything we do. Equitable and reliable digitalization is key to a more sustainable world, and developing connectivity based on more adaptable designs is imperative for new systems to enable longer reach, lower handling costs, and reduced carbon footprints. From the small-scale (fiber cables to homes) to the large-scale (subsea cables), our digital infrastructure solutions bring wide-ranging, non-stop connectivity to everyone—regardless of who you are, where you live, or where you come from. Even our new logo design speaks to that mission: the “H” is meant to evoke a fiber-optic cable and how smaller pieces can connect together to form a larger, more functional whole.

Henrik Larsson Lyon, CEO, Hexatronic

While we have continued to see a very strong demand for these advances in digital infrastructure—both repeatered and unrepeatered subsea systems—across all our markets, we’re particularly seeing a lot of activity in Europe and the Pacific region. However, as a business as a whole, our biggest growth market is actually the US. After our acquisition of Data Center Systems helped us connect more US-based enterprises in every industry from telecom to healthcare to retail, we have now signed with Open Fiber USA, which will allow us to bring our fiber to the home (FTTH) system more seamlessly into the US on a more individual level, too. This new strategic partnership will not only lead to improved installations through training, building, and field support, but also introduces opportunities to develop new products to support the local market—and, of course, give us new ideas about how to expand our offered solutions elsewhere. Developing our market presence with strong local organizations means we’re better placed to adapt to different community and customer needs while providing cost effective, fast-to-market, and flexibly expandable connectivity to underserved areas.

Looking toward the future, our range of products, services, and partnerships will only continue to grow, and our solution sets will evolve to fit even more unique environments, needs, and circumstances. Now that things are opening again after the worst of the pandemic, we’re enjoying being able to travel more to conferences, stay more directly connected to the communities we serve, and have in-person, interactive opportunities to share knowledge on key infrastructure topics like improving design, reducing installation cost, and creating sustainable connectivity solutions. We’re also exploring more ways to understand and meet specific community needs, particularly in underserved areas, so we’ve partnered with Hand in Hand (a non-profit that works with entrepreneurship models to reduce poverty) to provide education, training, and work opportunities to the people of Chawai village in Kenya.

Listening to the needs of the world and its people is the only way we can create a lasting link to a future that benefits us all, so we welcome InterGlobix readers to reach out and come visit us to see what we’re all about—we’re very happy to show you around our facilities!