Christian Belady

The Vice President and Distinguished Engineer of Datacenter Advanced Development at Microsoft and the developer behind one of the largest data center footprints in the world, Christian Belady is a seasoned veteran in managing data center and infrastructure development at a global scale. A fellow and founding member of several organizations responsible for driving key industry guidelines and a holder of more than 140 patents for more powerful, energy-efficient computing hardware, Belady is also the originator of the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) metric which is now used across the industry to determine the energy efficiency of a data center and the co-creator of Water Utilization Effectiveness (WUE) and Carbon Usage Effectiveness (CUE). In addition to improving data center sustainability and creating positive environmental impact, Belady also works to bring Microsoft data centers to new regions, especially in more underserved markets like APAC, the Middle East, and Central/South America.