Education Award

The iMasons Education champion award recognizes individuals who
accelerate the flow of talent into the digital infrastructure industry. Our vision
is to foster and nurture the talent to build a greater digital future.

2023 finalists and winner are selected by the iMasons Education Committee.


Christiana Weisshuhn

Scala Data Centers

Christiana Weisshuhn has had a successful 25 years in the data center industry implementing strategy, connecting work streams, and linking the leadership team with the broader organization.

Three years ago, Christiana created the “1MW of Opportunities” Program designed to train low-income young people to prepare them to work in the IT sector. By reaching out to universities and candidates, establishing a rigorous selection process, and tracking students’ progress, the program has successfully impacted the lives of 52 students to date, with plans to extend its reach to 140 students in 2023.

Having access to education can be truly transformative, changing someone’s life in profound ways. The “1MW of Opportunities” Program, initiated by Christiana, exemplifies the transformative power education has in creating positive change. This education platform not only benefits society but also ensures a constant influx of new talent into the industry, fostering people from diverse backgrounds. By providing education and training to young people from less-fortunate communities, the program opens doors, empowers individuals to pursue careers in the IT sector which means high qualified jobs, and ultimately brings a brighter future for both the students, their families and to society.


Andrew Albrecht


Mustan Mamujee

Yondr Group

Phillip Koblence

New York Interenet

Sharon Thomas