From Bovet, With Love

Master watchmakers Bovet 1822 celebrate compassion, love, and kindness with their Only Watch edition, the new Orbis Mundi. Latin for “the world,” Orbis Mundi simplifies the complicated indications of the world timer for the new generation of watch aficionados.

Housed in a 42mm red gold case, the guilloche dial is covered in seven layers of vibrant magenta lacquer—all applied by hand and then polished. The timepiece is a marvel for the those who prefer exquisite masterpieces on their wrists and is meant to be worn—and displayed—in all its glory. The watch is easy to set using the iconic real sapphire, cabochon-topped crown, which allows the user to set the time and the featured of the 24 world cities. You can also turn the crown counter-clockwise to set the hours and minutes, and clockwise to set the unique world time zone dial.

The dial carries an open display of the in-house Bovet balance wheel and regulating organ, with its three-arm rotating second hand and a 20-second dial at 6 o’clock. The right displays the power reserve indicator.

The Bovet 1822 Orbis Mundi Only Watch 2023 edition is a unique piece, for a unique owner. Is that you?