Denmark, The New Digital Data & Connectivity Hub in Europe

By Hunter Newby Ex-Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer / Telx. Partner / Netrality, NJFX, FiberCentre, ColoATL, 1025Connect

How the Island of Subsea cables became the home of the Lamborghini Car Rally. InterGlobix in conversation with Hunter Newby about the second edition of an event that reflects the connection of this industry’s key shapers with the passion of sport and lifestyle.

Published in Issue 1 | MARCH 10, 2019

Car Rally is all about networking and adventure amongst the C-level and beyond. Interestingly, car rally has been a recent phenomenon but it dates from the first Monte Carlo rally of January 1911, much before luxury cars became synonyms for lifestyle networking.

Hunter Newby talks with us about The Long Island Car Rally, introduced and started by KJ Orth from Frankfurt, Germany and one of the managing directors of Ancatel in Frankfurt.

“In pursuit of creating memorable experiences, I like to drive up to the North Fork of Long Island to the vineyards to recreate the ‘German experience’.”

The excitement is extreme, driving through cities with rolling pastures. KJ attended many CNX events as the Master of Ceremonies for Ancatel and DE-CIX customers in Frankfurt. At the end of two days of the conference, KJ, known for his passion for cars, hosted a small private car rally. The wheels in this rally steered from Kazakhstan, a big classic car restoration and hosting facility, to Frankfurt, now also home to Lamborghini. Dozens of cars set out from Kazakhstan. They would go through Hessen, through Bavaria – a new adventurous route every year with the return planned to Kazakhstan or back to KJ’s house, which is in Luckenbach, in the suburbs of Frankfurt.

A new chapter of the rally in Long Island was introduced last year, a drive that captures the beautiful scenic views. “In pursuit of creating memorable experiences, I like to drive up to the North Fork of Long Island to the vineyards to recreate the ‘German experience’. It was special since even in Germany many times after CNX we would drive up to vineyards,” says Hunter.

The Long Island Rally has successfully transitioned into the ‘International Lamborghini Owners Club Car Rally’. While working with KJ, DE-CIX and 1025Connect on the ‘Continental Edge’ strategy (which is an overarching term for different participants in the subsea community), and with DE-CIX and their leadership position in the NY/NJ Internet Exchange arena, it was decided to host a car rally in Long Island. Everyone was invited to come over and participate to relive the German experience. The route for this rally starts at the 1025Connect building and has a common leg to drive down Ocean Parkway, along the Atlantic Ocean and then loop back around. “Setting up the Lamborghini Car Rally in Long Island for me was like reciprocating for KJ. It’s about taking time to get together and building relationships outside of a business meeting and outside of an industry conference,” says Hunter.