IEIC Special Coverage | Dr. Barbara Boyan

Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), Dean, VCU School of Engineering

Virginia Commonwealth University moved rapidly from on-campus learning to remote learning due to the extraordinary capability of the Internet and associated tools that support real-time, large scale communications.  Thankfully, we had a solid foundation to transform virtually all academic programming to remote learning; our infrastructure at the College of Engineering was able to establish VPNs to permit students anywhere to connect remotely and run specially licensed education and research software on complex computers located within engineering laboratories. I credit our  faculty and staff who immediately adapted teaching methods to a variety of digital technologies, and the grit and resiliency of our engineering students has been on full display.

We are preparing to embrace the expanded use of remote learning as part of our program even once this pandemic passes. In anticipating the ‘new normal’, we at VCU are active in defining new educational and outreach programs into the community,  and creating effective, virtual industry engagement.  We will continue to explore new digital tools and evolve our thinking to respond to the needs of society.