IEIC Special Coverage | Ivo Ivanov

DE-CIX International, Chief Executive Officer

As a global operator, DE-CIX’s Internet Exchanges on four continents are currently all recording the same trend: Internet traffic is growing by an average of 20 percent, together with the demand for quality. While different regions are at different stages of development, depending on when the COVID-19 infections began to take off in their locality, the trend is valid from North America to Europe, to the Middle East, and on to the Indian sub-continent. As an element of this crucial digital infrastructure, Internet Exchanges are key to improving the quality of performance of digital applications and digital communication—for businesses, for medical facilities, for education, recreation/entertainment and for news and media outlets—for all users, wherever they are.  Interconnection services need to allow communication to occur along the shortest route and in the most secure way. The current global crisis will change our life going forward, and to survive in the present and prepare for the post-Corona future, this global lockdown needs a full digital unlocking.