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Issue 10

The cover story of this special edition reflects upon the astronomical success of DE-CIX interconnection platforms globally. We highlight DE-CIX’s leadership team and take a comprehensive look at DE-CIX’s depth of services and growing global footprint. Our inspiring feature story showcases the winners and finalists of the iMasons Awards 2022 and highlights their contribution to the industry. In our special coverage, Carl Roberts highlights how Dubai has carved out its path to becoming a leading metaverse-enabled smart city. We also interact with Vint Cerf as he throws light on the evergreen topic of keeping the Internet safe and secure.

Issue 9

In our ninth edition cover story, we explore what it means to be flexible in this time of hyper-speed technological change through conversations with three Flexential executives, their customers, partners, and analysts about the future of Hybrid IT. Our feature story spotlights the IMasons Climate Accord, the industry-defining initiative that brings together companies to build a greener future. In our special coverage, we continue our “Women in Leadership” series through the stories of four women executives from Dominion Energy. We also speak to Vint Cerf about the importance of Internet governance and look toward the future of data centers and digital infrastructure in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Issue 8

As part of our special Second Anniversary Issue, our cover story ‘Women in Leadership’ highlights seven women leaders who share their journey of success with our readers. EdgeConneX-Chayora strategic partnership as part of EdgeConneX’s global growth is our feature story. In our special coverage we bring you views from six Digital Realty executives who reflect upon some of the key challenges and opportunities of 2021, and also take a look forward with some trends for 2022 and beyond.

Issue 7

Our seventh edition Cover Story is an exclusive on one of the pioneers of our industry, referred to as the “Father of PUE,” Microsoft’s Christian Belady. Belady will take you on a fascinating journey of data centers, cars and PUE, where parallells can be drawn between data centers and cars. Our Feature Story takes an expansive look at Digital Realty’s various sustainable industry programs instituted and includes interview with executives and partners of the company.

Issue 6

Our sixth edition Cover Story is an exclusive on Google Data Centers Changing The World with Joe Kava, VP of Google Data Centers. Read about how Google Data Centers play a vital role in storing the world’s information and making it universally accessible. Our Feature Story takes an in-depth look at Ford Motor Company’s Digitalization, with an exclusive interview with Ford’s CTO, Ken Washington.

Issue 5

Our fifth edition Cover Story is an exclusive on Data Gravity, an emerging megatrend with Digital Realty’s Tony Bishop and Dave McCrory. Also read insights from AWS, NVIDIA, Zenlayer, Yellowbrick and 451 Research. Our Feature Story is 2020 sequel to Women in Leadership.

Issue 4

Anniversary Edition Read the stories featured in the fourth edition of InterGlobix Magazine. The subject of our exclusive Cover Story is Infrastructure Masons: The Builders of the Digital Age. Discover the origins, leaders, and initiatives of the Infrastructure community.

Issue 3

Read the stories featured in the third edition of InterGlobix Magazine. The Cover Story focuses spotlight on Marc Ganzi, who perfectly balances many roles as a leading global investor, owner of mobile and Internet infrastructure companies, and a prolific polo player.

Issue 2

Read the stories featured in the second edition of InterGlobix Magazine. QTS Richmond NAP is our over story “Power Play”, that puts a spotlight on the unbelievable and legendary act by the Internet pioneers and influences that will immensely impact and change the Internet’s status quo.

Issue 1

Read the stories featured in the launch edition of InterGlobix Magazine. The subject of our Cover Story is everyone’s favorite Buddy Rizer. Buddy’s profound passion for economic development has not only made Ashburn a data center legend but made him a role model globally.