Marc Ganzi on the Road to $60B Digital Portfolio

In this Story, IG Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Jasmine Bedi interviews Marc
exclusively and uncovers his prolific journey, his entrepreneurial story and
the key ingredients to his success. Jasmine also talks with some of Digital
Bridge’s and Digital Colony’s leadership team, who share their insights about
the firms and much more.

Exploring Hawaii, the Bleisure Traveler Way

An architectural time capsule with several mid-century gems, a frenzied culinary scene, a captivating blend of rugged-yet-verdant hills and aquamarine waters of the PacificÑHonolulu harbors much more than a holiday hotspot moniker.

The China Data Center Opportunity

China, a country with a population of nearly 1.4 billion people, is a data center market that continues to be largely untapped by international operators and global hyperscale technology and

Innovating Modular Data Centers

Michael, recognized as the pioneer in the creation of digital infrastructure, is now manufacturing an innovative, new generation of enterprise-class modular data centers. IG Magazine Editor-in-Chief Jasmine Bedi recently interviewed