Seventh Heaven

Good things, such as the new BMW 7 Series, will come to those who wait. When Mercedes-Benz launched the new S-Class in late 2020, its arch-rival BMW took to social

BMW’S Rolling Sculptures

Kickstarted in 1975, the German manufacturer’s Art Car project has involved a variety of artists, from Frank Calder and Andy Warhol to John Baldessari. Automobile enthusiasts might not necessarily be art aficionados, but almost all of them will be aware of the legendary and long-running BMW Art Car project. Over the years, a total of 19 Art Cars, both racing and regular production vehicles, have been created by famous artists. Here, we take a look at some of them.

Spritzing Up Summer

There are two kinds of wine drinkers. The first are those who stick to the rules, undeterred by their archaic nature or lack of any logical explanation. These people will

A Year in Cocktails

The year 2021 went away fairly fast considering most of us are still grappling with resolutions from a year ago. While it seemed to slow things down, it also afforded

Cyrus unveils a Sapphire Surprise

Launched 11 years ago in 2010, Cyrus Geneve epitomizes the modern, dynamic, and independent Swiss watch maker. On its tenth anniversary, Cyrus revealed the Klepcys Vertical Skeleton Tourbillon Sapphire—limited to