Malaysia’s Ascendance

A deep dive into EdgeConneX’s data centers and the growing tech landscape

In the heart of Southeast Asia, Malaysia is rapidly emerging as a data center powerhouse, fueled by a robust digital economy and strategic investments. EdgeConneX, a pioneer in global hyperlocal to hyperscale data center solutions, has entered the Malaysian market with plans to build state-of-the-art data centers in Kuala Lumpur’s Central Business District, Bukit Jalil, and Cyberjaya. These facilities, offering nearly 300MWs of capacity, reflect Malaysia’s growing significance in the regional data center landscape.

EdgeConneX’s Strategic Entrance into Malaysia

EdgeConneX’s decision to establish data centers in key locations across Malaysia is a testament to the country’s potential as a data center hub. The new facilities in Kuala Lumpur’s metro area, strategically positioned in the Central Business District, Cyberjaya, and Bukit Jalil, will cater to the increasing demand for data center solutions in a region experiencing exponential growth.

These facilities will not only serve the local market, but also act as gateways for global cloud services expanding throughout Southeast Asia and beyond. The impressive capacity, extensive fiber, and peering options, coupled with resilient access to local and international Internet Service Providers, position EdgeConneX as a vital player in Malaysia’s evolving data infrastructure.

What are the factors driving Malaysia’s data center growth? In short, they are threefold:

  • Economic: The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated digital transformation, boosting cloud adoption and creating a thriving market for cloud providers.
  • Commercial: Increasing demand for big data analytics, IoT technologies, and rapid digitization across sectors like BFSI, manufacturing, IT, and logistics.
  • Governmental: Favorable policies, such as plans for a smart grid, increased use of renewable energy, and initiatives like MyGovCloud contribute to a supportive environment for data center investments.

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