Michael Leidinger, Hilton

INDUSTRY: Hospitality

Would you call Hilton a data company? Tell us about some of the data-centric initiatives that your organization has undertaken. 

Today, every company is a data company in one way or another. Hilton increasingly relies on advanced data analytics to gain customer and market insights, enable deeper guest relationships, and deliver more personalized services. Through the intelligent use of data, we can serve up the right in-room content streaming options, reduce energy consumption across an entire hotel, or put the right vacation offer in front a Hilton Honors member at the right time.

What was Hilton’s incentive to become a Founding Member of the IEIC? Are you one among the firsts in the industry to make such an effort?

Everything we deliver to our guests before, during, and after their stay requires safe, secure, and stable global infrastructure. As a company that welcomes 166 million guests a year, we understand that our ability to reach and serve our customers depends on the core fabric of the Internet. If that doesn’t work, then technology comes to a standstill. This infrastructure is critical to the connectivity and operations of our nearly 5,900 hotels across 114 countries and territories around the world.

What trends do you foresee? Any current ones on your radar that are impacting your (hospitality) business?

In hospitality, it’s all about seamlessly blending digital and physical elements of the guest experience. We want to empower the guest and allow them to customize their experience through every phase of their journey, from when they dream of a vacation and direct booking, to the on-property stay and through any post-stay engagement and offers. Hilton has always been a pioneer in this space and we’re proud to continue this tradition.

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