New FlexAnywhere™ Hosted Private Cloud Capabilities

In collaboration with Flexential customers and partners—VMWare, BRIDGE Healthcare Partners, and PEAK Resources, Inc.

Flexential’s Hosted Private Cloud (HPC) – Advanced Access solutions provide full control of enterprise private cloud environments with new capabilities for rapidly migrating applications, workloads, and data as business requirements change. Support for advanced metrics and reporting tools backed by Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is offered on HPC. The new capabilities have been enhanced in collaboration with Flexential customers and partners—VMWare, BRIDGE Healthcare Partners, PEAK Resources, Inc.

Long-term adoption of hybrid work environments has reduced reliance on traditional infrastructure. Gartner® forecasts that “worldwide end-user spending on public cloud services will reach nearly $600 billion in 2023, up from $494.7 billion in 2022”.* It’s essential that businesses have the operational control and flexibility to adjust, plan and scale workload placements accordingly.

“Flexibility has never been more essential to the modern-day enterprise. With the latest enhancements to our HPC Advanced Access solution, our team is providing customers with the tools and insights they need to be more agile in their workload placements, application operations, and overall performance. As business needs shift, we continue to meet customers with the solutions that will drive efficiency no matter their operational location.”

— Mike Fuhrman, chief operating officer of Cloud and Managed Services, Flexential

“Hybrid IT solutions continue to grow in popularity as enterprises increasingly turn to professionally managed data centers to deploy key elements of their infrastructure. By providing direct access to vCenter coupled with advanced analytics, Flexential’s customers can now benefit from the best of both worlds. These advanced capabilities enable new levels of AI-powered visibility in a solution that already delivers maximum configuration flexibility to enterprises for managing their own applications, while providing peace of mind as their data is hosted and replicated securely in Flexential’s hosted private cloud.”

— Geoff Thompson, VP, VMWare Cloud Provider Sales

“Flexential is in complete alignment with our strategic plan—from its people and service to its growth perspectives. Our clients rely on us to deliver high- performing, reliable IT environments so their healthcare data and applications are secure and always available. Flexential is key in helping us deliver this essential service.”

— Tracey Campbell, CEO of BRIDGE Healthcare Partners

“Our clients look to us to simplify their IT infrastructure and provide the flexibility and agility to grow the business into the future. Flexential’s Hosted Private Cloud – Advanced Access solution provides them with the control and visibility they need to be confident in deploying their most critical data in a hybrid environment.”

— John Simonton, VP and COO of PEAK Resources, Inc.

*Gartner Press Release, “Gartner Forecasts Worldwide Public Cloud End-User Spending to Reach Nearly $500 Billion in 2022”