Stylish & sustainable

Speaking of our industry, most companies are doing their best to promote conscious consumption, sustainability and eco-friendly practices in every aspect of the business. Then, why shouldn’t we save the world in style too? The good news is there’s an ever-increasing number of brands and designers looking to rectify past ecological damage by launching collections that are good (and good looking) for you and the planet. Whether made from recycled fabrics, vegan leather or with earth-friendly materials, there’s a sustainable accessory, gadget and home decor to suit every personality and taste.

Take Burberry’s Monogram Print E-canvas International Bifold Wallet for example. Sized to fit all currencies, the wallet is made using an environmentally conscious canvas, primarily made using renewable resources that require less water and generate less CO2 than conventional coated canvases. Gucci’s Off The Grid Belt Bag uses blue GG nylon made from ECONYL¨Ña nylon fabric sourced from regenerated materials like fish nets, carpets and other scraps. Versatile and lightweight, Patagonia’s scarf is crafted using 95 percent recycled cashmere. Sports aficionados will lean towards Stella McCartney backpack made with recycled nylon and sneakers by Veja, the brand which sources their rubber directly from communities in the Amazon rainforest to ensure that they save water, energy, and reduce harmful emissions.

If you’re looking for a conversation-starter piece for your home, the handmade algae lamp explores the concept of photosynthetic furniture by creating a lamp with microalgaeÑa nutritious organism that can absorb carbon dioxide, give off light and heat. Tesla Motors’ Powerwall 2 is a compact home battery built with its own inverter, and has an energy-storage of 20 kwH per dayÑwhich means it can provide enough solar power for the daily needs of an average two-bedroom home.

LSTN headphones The Troubadour 2.0 doesn’t just boast amazing acoustics, but also have amazing style to spare. The wireless over-the-head headphones feature walnut wood and vegan leather ear pads. The pocket and planet-friendly Sanikind sanitizer is re-useable and made with recycled ocean plastic collected in Haiti and Mexico. LARQ is the world’s first self-cleaning water bottle and water purification system that uses UV-C LED light to eliminate bio-contaminants from your water and bottle. 

1 Monogram Print E-canvas International Bifold Wallet, price on request, Burberry
2 The Troubadour 2.0 headphones, $179.99, LSTN
3 Bottle PureVis™, $95, LARQ
4 Algae lamp, price on request, Living Things
5 Off The Grid Belt Bag in blue, $900, Gucci
6 Tesla Motors Powerwall 2, $5,500, Tesla
7 Refillable Eco-Friendly Hand Sanitizer, $18, Sanikind
8 Recycled Scarf, $99, Patagonia
9 V-10 CWL white orange fluo butter sole, $150, Veja
10 Falabella Logo Go Backpack, $770, Stella McCartney