Versace unveils its meticulously crafted new 2020 collection!

Design: Gianni Cinti | Rosenthal meets Versace – Versace Bar

Italian designer Gianni Cinti translates the history and traditions of Rosenthal into the here and now. “In the 140-year history of Rosenthal, various forms of visual expression overlap,” says Gianni Cinti, who was surprised by the treasures he discovered in the Rosenthal Archive in Selb.

Rosenthal meets Versace is raising bar culture to a new level. The Versace  Bar Collection made from high-quality stainless steel is elaborately silver-plated by hand and includes wine, champagne and ice coolers, cocktail shakers and strainers as well as bottle coasters, trays and dishes.

A further highlight is Versace’s legendary Medusa, which adorns every item and is gilded by hand. The new Bar Collection from Rosenthal meets Versace is the perfect mix of seduction and functionality—for homes, bars, restaurants and exclusive clubs.