World’s Next Global Internet Hub Isn’t a City

Q&As with John W. Martin, President & CEO of RVA757 Connects

It is a ‘Megaregion’ located in Virginia, just south of Washington, D.C.

What’s a megaregion?

Cities around the world are learning that collaboration, not competition, drive scale and the economic success of nearby localities. In Virginia, RVA757 Connects has been advancing this practice for the Richmond (RVA) and Hampton Roads (757) regions. The result has put the I-64 Innovation Corridor on the map of America’s megaregions, 12 micro-economies that make up 70% of the U.S. population, jobs, and gross domestic product.

What and where is the I-64 Innovation Corridor?

The I-64 Innovation Corridor is an 8,000-square-mile contiguous region located 120 miles south of Washington D.C. Combined we are the size of the 19th largest U.S. metropolitan area. We’re home to over 3 million people and 1.5 million talented workers.

Our megaregion includes Richmond, Virginia’s state capital, and the Port of Virginia, the East Coast’s gateway for global trade. We also offer an amazing quality of life. Virginia is for lovers of arts, entertainment, history, nature, and active lifestyles.

John W. Martin, President & CEO of RVA757 Connects

How is the I-64 Innovation Corridor becoming a global Internet hub?

Global Internet experts tell us that we have the right ingredients.

While we’re a small U.S. megaregion, we’re making a big impact well beyond our geographic footprint. Thanks to the integration with DE CIX, we’re part of the largest interconnected digital ecosystem in North America, one that includes New York, Chicago, Dallas, and Phoenix. In 2 milliseconds, your data can reach from our megaregion to 80% of the U.S. population. On the eastern edge of our megaregion, coming ashore in Virginia Beach, are three subsea cables connecting the United States to Spain, France, Puerto Rico, and Brazil. These cables are three of the most modern, highest capacity routes in the world. A fourth cable, SEAx1, is currently under development and will be the first and only cable to directly connect the United States with South Africa.

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