Your Fitness Friend

Our recent WFH regime has turned our homes into our sanctuaries for everything, be it for business, kids’ school, birthday celebrations with friends or maintaining a regular workout regime. What if you could go beyond tracking fitness every time you exercise? iG curates a roster of fun workout apps that’ll make exercising too exciting to miss.

Zombies, Run!

You are one of the few survivors of a zombie attack, and you have to run for it. That’s what immersive exergame (a portmanteau of gaming and exercise) Zombies, Run! does. The story-based app narrates different apocalyptic adventures, while making you the hero of it as you get away from hordes of zombies. Featuring adrenaline-pumping audio, a tracking mechanism as well as a link to communicate with fellow runners who are part of the app’s community, you can walk, run, or jog using Zombies, Run!

Superhero Workout

Six to Start, the makers of Zombies, Run!, bring another winning fitness app. Superhero Workout app will have you playing the role of training to use a combat armature to defend the world against aliens. As you sweat it out, its camera-based motion tracking will record the reps and marries it with a thrilling sci-fi story. Your punches will turn into plasma blasts, the abdominal crunches charge your AEGIS One battlesuit’s reactor, and much more. Choose from 20 missions (each lasting between 17-25 minutes) and 12 high-intensity workouts of varying lengths. There’s also big-screen integration with Apple TV.

My Virtual Mission

Ever wanted to run on top of the Great Wall of China or swim in the English Channel? My Virtual Mission is the app for that. The fitness challenge platform lets you plan your outrageous mission anywhere in the world. Each time you exercise, you will advance along the map from the start towards the finish line, while tracking your mileage and pace. You can plan solo missions or invite friends for a group challenge. The best part? You can send E-postcards of the destinations you’ve virtually visited to keep up motivation and also raise funds for charity via mission sponsorships.

Charity Miles

One app, two goals. Charity Miles will inspire you to literally go that extra mile—the app allows you to transform your good ‘ld neighborhood run or hike into a fundraiser. All you need to do choose from 40 world-class charities working for health, children, animals, the environment and more, before sponsors like Johnson & Johnson, Chobani, and Humani among others will donate a few cents for every mile you move. Charity Miles seamlessly work like a pedometer, run-tracker, walking timer, cycling meter or running stopwatch. Go solo or team up with your friends or other members to achieve your fitness goals and make an impact on the world.

Seven – 7 Minute Workout

Small changes for a big impact might just sum up the credo of Seven – 7 Minute Workout app. The number of exercises on the app are based on scientific research to afford maximum benefit to users in the shortest time frame. You have to do each exercise for 30 seconds, with 10 seconds of rest in between, where every variation is illustrated with 3D visuals and text. Work out anywhere, anytime without any equipment. And keep it fun with instructors like the Drill Sergeant, Cheerleader and many more.

RockMyRun – Workout Music

Don’t confuse RockMyRun – Workout Music with your archetypical music apps. Consider it your personal trainer who guides you with music instead of a voice. To make sure your workout music doesn’t fall into a rut, RockMyRun crafts playlists that align with your body, across a variety of genres like hip hop, country, and rock. It combines input from DJs, coaches, and runners for playlists that’ll fit any type of workout like weight lifting, hiking or cycling, even though it name suggests just running. The app plays music and switches up the tempo based on your footfalls or heart rate.