Informal Interactions with Lee Kestler

As an executive leader in a company that is rapidly growing as part of an industry experiencing astronomical growth, how do you maintain your work-life balance?

It really helps that we’re in an industry that allows for flexibility, especially when we’re also in an industry across time zones where the day doesn’t necessarily end when you turn off your computer. I’m often “on” and it’s rare I’ll have a chance to switch off completely, but it’s important for me and my team to deliver what is needed, when it’s needed—and that absolutely includes personal time for keeping our team members healthy and operating at their best. There’s never an expectation that you cannot have work-life balance. For me personally, my wife, Christie Kestler, was a long time data center industry executive. She understands the demands of the business and is supportive in helping me manage time so I can make things work for both my professional and my personal life. So, wherever I am, I try to be as fully present as possible.

Clint Heiden and Lee Kestler biking near Leesburg, VA
Clint Heiden, Fentress Boyse, and Lee Kestler at a Washington Commanders game
Lee with grandson Ollie
Lee and Christie Kestler in Park City, UT
Lee catching an Orioles game with his wife, Christie, and his sister and brother-in-law
Lee with his family at Lake Anna