NVTC Celebrates And Recognizes Data Center Industry Leaders At The Fourth Annual NVTC Data Center Awards

WHEN: 22 February 2023
WHERE: Leesburg, Virginia

WHY: The Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) celebrated and recognized the contributions of the leaders of the data center industry at the Fourth Annual NVTC Data Center Awards held in Leesburg, Virginia. Over 200 industry professionals, state-wide business community representatives, and public sector leaders attended the awards ceremony to celebrate the winners and toast to the region’s success as the largest data center market in the world.

NVTC Data Center Awards 2022 winners
Jogesh Bagga with ex-Congresswoman Barbara Comstock
Wendy Miller, Kelly McCall, Jasmine Bedi, Twyla Powell
Jennifer Taylor, President & CEO of NVTC
Vinay Nagpal handing over the Sustinable Champion Award to Greg Adgate of Equinix
Jennifer Taylor with Jasmine Bedi, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, InterGlobix Magazine
Vinay Nagpal, Chairman of NVTC Data Center & Cloud Community
Construction Project winner: Amazon Web Services team
Amber Tillman, Alena Casey, Kelly McCall
Michelle Staton, Boomya Patan
Beth Evans, Karen Peterson
The CoreSite team
Mark Freeman, Vinay Nagpal, Lee Kestler, Steve Conner, Timonty Trasher
Josh Snowhorn, Ben Hedges, Jasmine Bedi, Rich Paul-Hus
NVTC Data Center Awards 2022 sponsors
Tarin Horan, VP of Events & Sponsorships, NVTC
Jennifer Taylor with guests
Food served at the awards ceremony
Tarin Horan, Vinay Nagpal, Jennifer Taylor, Steve Upton