2022 Predictions & Trends: Jeff Tapley and Jan-Pieter Anten

Joint EMEA Managing Directors

Interxion: A Digital Realty Company, is a leading provider of cloud- and carrier-neutral data centre services across EMEA. With more than 700 connectivity providers in 107 data centres across 13 European countries, Interxion provides communities of connectivity, cloud, and content hubs. As part of Digital Realty, customers now have access to 50 metros across six continents. Joint EMEA Managing Directors Jeff Tapley and Jan-Pieter (JP) Anten share their thoughts.

What are the top goals you want to accomplish in 2022?

Jeff: As we move into next year, we expect to see continued demand for colocation services as more and more businesses implement semi-permanent remote-working models. That trend will be especially prevalent in industries heavily affected by stay-at-home orders, such as digital media, healthcare, and education.

But whether we’re constructing a building or focusing on customer operations, we need to be efficient and customer-centric regardless of the situation. So, my top goal is quite simple: we’ll continue to put our customers first.

JP: Yes, we are working on creating a great and dynamic culture which is global and local Ð harnessing the strengths of our global presence as Digital Realty and delivering with the local expertise we have across the countries.

Another key focus for us this year will be to continue working with local and regional governments to highlight the important role data centers play in the digital economy.

Where do you expect the key growth areas to be in EMEA in 2022?

JP: We’re already established in several large cities across EMEA, so it is important that we build on our strong foundations there and grow these facilities. Our move into Africa with recent acquisitions in South Africa and Nigeria also highlights our role in Africa’s rising economy.

Across the globe, we will continue to evolve with our customers to help them achieve business success. Jeff: Traditionally, businesses in EMEA have a strong colocation business built on connectivity. We’re ideally positioned to support the growing number of enterprises migrating to the multi-hybrid cloud and we’re starting to see signs of that, strengthening our digital interaction business.