Connecting Mexico To Global Digital Ecosystems

DE-CIX expands its horizons

Until now, Mexico has lacked a strong data center and carrier neutral Internet Exchange (IX). In a strategic move poised to revolutionize Mexico’s digital landscape, DE-CIX, the world’s leading Internet Exchange operator, has launched its expansion into the evolving tech hub of Mexico. This groundbreaking initiative marks a pivotal moment in bringing state-of-the-art interconnection services to the heart of Latin America’s burgeoning technology scene. Ivo Ivanov, Chairman & CEO of DE-CIX, explains the motivation behind the move.

With a strong track record of fostering carrier and data center neutral interconnection ecosystems worldwide, DE-CIX is recognized for its robust and resilient high-performance infrastructure and its commitment to advancing digital connectivity. Mexico’s geographical positioning at the gateway between north / south and east / west traffic flows makes it an ideal location for the rollout of interconnection services. Strong terrestrial and subsea connectivity to the USA and South America and across the Pacific—as well as the localization of interconnection services, content, applications, and clouds—promises unparalleled opportunities for local businesses, enterprises, and the broader digital community.

By establishing a presence in Mexico City and Queretaro, DE-CIX aims to empower local network operators and businesses with enhanced connectivity options, accelerated data exchange, and increased network reliability and security. Local interconnection will also support international networks and service providers to reach and serve the needs of the second most populous country in Latin America. This move will fuel a new era of innovation, economic growth, and data sovereignty for the country, which in turn will unlock possibilities and expand horizons across a range of industries. By bridging the gap between local networks and global digital ecosystems, DE-CIX’s presence will not only elevate Mexico’s digital landscape, but also amplify its competitiveness on the international stage.

Ivo Ivanov, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, DE-CIX Group

Enterprise-grade Interconnection for an Economy in Transformation

DE-CIX’s arrival in Mexico is not merely about infrastructure deployment; it signifies a commitment to nurturing a collaborative ecosystem. Through its globally proven platforms and expertise, DE-CIX aims to foster a vibrant community where businesses, network operators, and content and cloud service providers, among others, converge in order to foster synergies and propel Mexico into the digital forefront. DE-CIX is ready to meet Mexico’s growing demand for low latency connectivity with enterprise-grade interconnection services, such as direct connectivity to cloud service providers and direct access to cloud-based applications. This access is set to improve content, cloud, and application performance while offering affordable, high-quality Internet access for businesses and individuals alike.

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