What is the current state of the data center market in your region?

Representing the largest ICT market in Africa, Nigeria accounts for 29 percent of Africa’s Internet usage and is emerging as one of the fastest growing African markets. Especially after the launch of 5G in 2022, Nigeria is seeing increased data center construction as well as increased colocation demand from cloud operators, large technology companies, content service providers, and telecom sectors. Lagos accounts for around 90 percent of the country’s rack capacity.  

What are the key drivers and goals of the data center business in your region?  

Both Africa’s population and data traffic are growing rapidly, so there’s continual pressure not only to deliver accessible, low-latency, cost-effective connectivity, but also to progress in sustainability. Currently 78 percent of Nigerian power relies on fossil fuels, with Hydroelectricity accounting for much of the rest. New data sovereignty regulations across African nations (in particular, the Nigeria Data Protection Regulation scheme) as well as governmental and enterprise investments are also driving data center operations and management.

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