What is the current state of the data center market in your region?

UK and Europe’s data center market remains very strong, and it continues to grow—a growth mainly driven by the hyperscalers, the increase in 5G access, and the adoption of cloud-based solutions and services in the UK. The traditional growth markets of Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, and Paris are now joined by the Nordics, Spain, Dublin, and even Eastern Europe.

What are the key drivers and goals of the data center business in your region? 

Hyperscalers continue to drive the biggest expansion in the UK and Europe, but we are also seeing an increasing trend towards smaller regional sites, such as Manchester, Edinburgh, and Newcastle. This trend toward smaller regional sites is driven partly by latency requirements and partly by Internet of Things (IOT) deployment and usage. We see the same in other markets across Europe. For example, Pulsant is a good example of a UK regional provider while NorthC is the same for The Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland.

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