Glimpses from the IEIC Global NAP Summit 2.0

“Connectivity is everything. In the early design of the Internet, it was concluded that anything on the Internet should be able to interconnect with anything else, including all the networks and their edge devices.”

“If you’re doing cross-Atlantic activity—if you’re connecting to Europe, Africa, South America, and to Asia—you’re going to come through Henrico.”

Secretary of Commerce and Trade, Caren Merrick, Jason El Khoubi, Vinay Nagpal
Jasmine Bedi, Sec. Caren Merrick, Sigrid Cerf, Vint Cerf, Vinay Nagpal
Hunter Newby, Ivo Ivanov, Steve Alexander, Nigel Bayliff
Vinay Nagpal, Ivo Ivanov, Sec. Caren Merrick, Jasmine Bedi
IEIC Reception Dinner
Zaid Kahn, Sarah Keller, Jasmine Bedi, Jason Black
Vinay Nagpal, Anthony Romanello, John Vithoulkas, Vint Cerf
Dr. Babara Boyan, Sec. Caren Merrick, Sigrid Cerf, Vint Cerf, Jennifer Tayor, Vinay Nagpal, Stan Blackwell, Charlene Whitfield
Sitting (L-R): Jennifer Taylor, Vinay Nagpal, Sec. Caren Merrick, Sigrid Cerf, Vint Cerf.
Standing (L-R): Zaid Kahn, Ivo Ivanov, Jasmine Bedi, Dr. Barbara Boyan
Jasmine Bedi
IEIC Award winners
Hunter Newby, Carig Waldrop, Vinay Nagpal, Scott Brown, Michael Ortiz, Gerardo Bonilla
Wendy Miller, Toney Hall
Mike Sauer
Shelagh Montgomery
Kelly McCall
Vint Cerf