Henrico, Virginia. The Future Is Here.

Q&A with Anthony Romanello, Executive Director, Henrico Economic Development Authority

Romanello shares how Henrico has all the right assets and is making all the right moves to support companies in the new era of business.

Why should companies consider a location in Henrico?

Five Fortune 1000 companies and more than 25,000 businesses call Henrico home. We have all the assets you need to gain the competitive edge. We offer competitive tax rates that can be a game-changer for your bottom line. We’re in the middle of the U.S. eastern seaboard with Richmond International Airport, the Port of Virginia, two major interstates, and three class-I rail providers. Henrico also offers an unbeatable talent pipeline, thanks to 30 nearby educational institutions and a superior quality of life that attracts and retains workers.

Why has quality of life gained importance in site selection today?

COVID-19 has completely changed how we live and work. Businesses are more than ever focused on the needs of their workforce. Henrico offers an abundance of mixed-use communities, with several more in development. Our cost of living is 4% below the national average, and the average commute is 22 minutes. With Class IV rapids on the James River, more than 40 parks and recreational facilities, Greater Richmond’s arts and culture scene, and award-winning restaurants, Henrico checks all the boxes to keep your talent happy and productive.

Anthony Romanello, Executive Director, Henrico Economic Development Authority

How is Henrico enhancing its Internet infrastructure to handle business operations during and post pandemic?

The demand for data today is unsurpassed. Businesses have to be able to communicate with their employees at home and their partners across the world. The difference between winning and losing can be a fraction of a second, so those connections have to be vast, fast, and reliable. Four subsea cables connect Henrico to the world–including Dunant, which offers a record-breaking 250 Tbps capacity. This year, DE-CIX will install a new datacenter-neutral  and North America’s largest interconnection platform in Henrico, providing instant connection to DE-CIX’s 2,100-plus networks and 500 data centers around the world. And we’re building this all with an eye toward sustainability.

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