Horological Art by MB&F

In the world of Swiss fine watchmaking, horology seems to have taken a turn toward the creative best.

With more and more independent brands wow-ing the audience with their disruptive yet must-have designs, two names seem to stand out the most—Maximilian Busser’s brainchild MB&F and Arnaud Nicolas’ clock manufacture L’Epée. Together, the two have introduced some of the most out-of-the box creations to the world, inspired by the Jurassic ages and steps mankind have taken towards space exploration. Two such introductions include the T-Rex—a minimalist clock face made of Murano glass and steel suspended between two jointed legs ending in taloned feet; and the second is the Starfleet Explorer—an intergalactic spaceship-cum-table clock.


Inspired by Jurassic Art the T-Rex bears resemblance to the eponymous king of beasts with its skeletonized body and Murano glass dial. The clock is 30-cm tall and is made of stainless steel and palladium-plated brass and bronze and weighs approximately 2kg distributed over the two finely taloned feet. The hand-blown Murano glass dial sinks inward to indicate where time originates and comes in variations of green, deep blue and red Murano glass dials, which are vividly colored with metallic salts via age-old techniques of glassblowing. The T-Rex is limited to 100 pieces worldwide.


The Starfleet Explorer is a re-edition symbolising the first clock co-built by the two independent brands six years ago. This new edition comes in a much more compact size—diameter 16.5cm, height 11cm. The minutes of the clock are represented on the revolving disc located at the top of the station which is fixed through metal aperture centre. The hours ring under the minutes disc is motionless, and has hand attached to it to indicate the hour by performing a complete revolution around the ring in 12 hours. Built with stainless steel and hand lacquered polymer for the three spacecrafts completing the Starfleet Explorer, comes in a limited series of 99 pieces each in blue, green, and red.