How Christian Belady Finds R&R In Summer

Vice President & Distinguished Engineer, Datacenter Advanced Development, Microsoft

“Living in the Pacific Northwest, I have no desire to be anywhere else during the summer. The weather and views are spectacular, and I spend most of my free time during the summer doing various hobbies and spending time with the community of folks who are like minded and family to me. I adore buying, driving, and even assembling supercars. A longtime Porsche collector, I was convinced by my son to get the 2015 Lamborghini Huracan-and now it’s our favorite car to drive together! He and his friends also work on restoration projects with me. Of course, during the other seasons of the year, I spend as much time as possible traveling and vacationing in places that are sunny.”

My Lamborghini Huracan after a drive with my son. Photograph: Tom Fathi
The garage of a car fanatic