iMasons India Local Chapter Meeting

WHEN: 13 October 2023
WHERE: Mumbai, India

WHY: Hosted by iMasons’ Chairman and Founder Dean Nelson, EMEA Director Rudolf Gordon-Seymour, and AdaniConneX’s Prakhar Sharma, this event was sponsored by iMasons’ Global Partner, AdaniConneX. The event gave the attendees an opportunity to connect with other industry professionals and join the conversation as the members tackled the strategic review for the India region. The goal of the meeting was to identify regional priorities across the four iMasons pillars.

Attendees of iMasons India local chapter meeting
Dean Nelson, Founder of Infrastructure Masons, during his keynote address
Sanjay Bhutani, Chief Business Officer of AdaniConneX giving his welcome note
Prakhar Sharma, Head of Marketing of AdaniConneX, giving his thank you note
Will Wilson, Director Program Management of EdgeConneX
Sujeet Deshpande, CEO of Lumina CloudInfra
Sudhir Kunder, Chief Business Officer of DE-CIX India
Prashant Goyal, Head Data Center Practice of CBRE