Informal Interactions with Dame Dawn Childs DBE FREng

With your career so intertwined with technology and being “switched on,” how do you unplug and create time and space to be offline outside of working hours?

It is always a tricky balance, but it is important to have a great team and to ensure that there is coverage to allow everyone to have the time and space to unplug, including me!

I already mentioned that I am very consistent in ensuring that I get some gym time first thing on a weekday. But when I do have some real downtime, I like to walk or ride. I am lucky to live in a beautiful part of the United Kingdom and have fabulous countryside around me. Riding is a perfect hobby for ensuring that you do really unplug. I almost find it a way to practice mindfulness, because if you do not focus completely on the horse and riding, it could be very dangerous. I know only too well that a horse has a mind of its own, as unfortunately I already have had several riding accidents! But that doesn’t deter me from riding one bit, nor does it reduce my love for horses.