Informal Interactions with Fiona Beck

You are a keen angler and have held two world fishing records. Do you still continue fishing? Is there any other passion that you would like to talk about?

There is a saying in the marine maintenance side of the industry – “catch fish not cables”. And I would like to think I have embraced that.

Fishing is my passion.  I can say I have almost as many fishing rods as shoes and I have a lot of shoes! I have various custom-built rods and those in my industry that know me know I love fishing. I have been targeting the various IGFA offshore world slams (e.g., the Offshore Grand Slam which requires you to catch three species in one day such as Marlin, Tuna, Mahi Mahi).  I am working on my Billfish Royal Slam now which involves catching and releasing nine of the billfish species Ð still trying for the swordfish for this one.

Other than fishing, I’ve taken up competitive walking and recently won a 10 km event. Knee surgery means my running days are coming to an end.