Informal Interactions with Kris Kumar

Can you share with our readers some of your passions (other than data centers)?

I sing and play guitar in a band, at times, record music in a studio and I act. I believe everything you do in your spare time contributes creatively to everything you do at work. The younger generation has lost that art of being able to socially adapt and enjoy themselves in a way that they’re putting skills to use. They need to observe and enjoy everything around them to a point that they really start to get the same enthusiasm in every cell in their body even when they come in to work.

Do you have a favorite song or genre that you would like to quote?

I’m trained in Indian classical music, I used to sing Indian classical music as well as Western. I come from a musical family and enjoy that part of my life. It’s given me ice-breakers with people, allowed me to talk to people outside of work and engage with customers and the investor community in a different way.

Please enlighten us about your passion for watches.

Having been an engineer, I’ve always been fascinated by German and Swiss engineering. I have as much passion for watches as I have for electric cars or machines that are created to make work easier and efficient. It is incredibly powerful to watch a conceptual idea, and then the hard work that goes into the execution to make a product that excels. For me, a luxury watch is more about a testimony to the watchmaker, which is why I pay the kind of money that I do to buy it. I collect them because I truly go into the mechanics of it and understand every piece of that watch and how it is put together. It’s fascinating to think that somebody spends a year of their life, 12 hours a day, creating this tiny instrument that is so perfect. There are microscopic pieces that come together, and spending the hours and days sometimes filing a second hand or an hour hand. It’s fascinating to think of the patience, the dedication, the diligence that goes behind that-that’s what I admire. I collect guitars too.