Informal Interactions with Kristi Alford-Haarberg

President & Chief Executive Officer, E2 Optics

As a successful Founder, President, and CEO for over a decade, how do you find time to maintain a work-life balance?

For me, work-life balance is a delicate dance. I find being flexible is key. I try to focus on productivity rather than hours. Meaning, I do not subscribe to the traditional 9-to-5 workday of the past. I look at what needs to be accomplished and tackle each project productively, rather than trying to squeeze everything into eight hours.

For me, a release from work is golfing. I’ve turned my favorite pastime into an event for clients and employees. Prior to the pandemic, each year E2 Optics hosted a golf tournament here in Denver. We’d spend the day out on the links, catching up, taking swings, and enjoying the day. I’m looking forward to 2022, when we’ll be able to meet again on the green.

Kristi with her husband, Casey Haarberg

My faith, family, and friends all help me find balance, and through them I derive my strength. Their encouragement in my vision has helped me in very clear and discernible ways. It’s through my faith that I understand the importance of paying it forward. The biggest satisfaction I get is seeing someone’s goals and vision become their reality. This helps to remind me of the importance of staying humble. I believe that to truly make a difference; you don’t need to be rich, brilliant, or perfect; rather, you simply need to care.