Informal Interactions with Rachel Peterson

Vice President, Data Center Strategy, META

As a successful executive of one of world’s largest technology companies, how do you find time to maintain a work-life balance?

All of us, men and women, struggle with work-life balance. It seems to have become even more difficult with working from home. Added to this, work-life balance in this industry can be particularly challenging given the pace of growth and the need to keep up with change. 

As is the case for many men, a supportive spouse is absolutely key.  Many years ago, my husband and I decided that he would be the stay-at-home parent and I would pursue my career. Without a doubt, I wouldn’t have been as successful or able to have any semblance of balance without his support. While I’m plugging away in my home office for Meta throughout the day, I have confidence knowing that he’s making sure our three kids are getting what they need, that dinners are on the table, and that our house runs smoothly. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of equal roles at home for the advancement of women’s careers.

Rachel enjoying the outdoors

Additionally, I try to be intentional about building time into each day for activities that fulfill and grow me. This includes maintaining my connection to God, exercising, getting out into nature, and being with friends and family. It’s less about being perfect about doing this daily, and more about ensuring that you strive for balance on the whole. In a lot of ways, the pandemic actually has been a positive from a work-life perspective. I’ve had a more flexible workday that I have the ability to more directly manage, so I’ve been able to spend more time with my family.  I’ve learned that the key is to intentionally manage it in a way that allows for both personal and professional accomplishments.