Informal Interactions with Randy Brouckman

Throughout the last decade, you have been a successful CEO, instrumental to the growth of EdgeConneX. How do you maintain your work-life balance?

It has been much harder during the Pandemic than before to maintain any kind of work-life balance. Fortunately, my three children are grown and independent. Since they all graduated from college and are well on their way in their careers, my ability to achieve a work-life balance improved. It allowed my wife and I to integrate big pieces of my job into our life. I’ve been able to kind of let the two worlds blend a bit. I think it is important to be present for your kids, and I did that. Now, at the CEO level, there’s an integration of my work and my life. I recognize that having had both aspects of my life was important. I’m blessed with a spouse and a family who all understand the responsibility of a CEO, and they were a big part of my success.

Randy and his family often go to the mountains together for skiing, hiking, and rock climbing adventure
Swimming with the sharks