Infrastructure Masons & InterGlobix Magazine Announce Partnership

2nd October 2019
San Jose, CA


InterGlobix Magazine will be available at iMasons End User Summit in San Jose and at various other iMasons events globally

SAN JOSE, CA – October 2, 2019 – InterGlobix LLC, a global consulting company focused on the convergence of data centers, subsea and terrestrial fiber, and owner of InterGlobix Magazine, and Infrastructure Masons, a group of industry professionals who design, build and operate the technical infrastructure of the digital age, today announced at iMasons End User Summit in San Jose, California that InterGlobix Magazine, the first and only magazine of its kind focused on Data Centers, Connectivity, Luxury and Lifestyle, will be a Media Partner for iMasons End User Summit and for various other iMasons events globally.

Infrastructure Masons’ Founder and Chairman, Dean Nelson is a regular contributor to the InterGlobix Magazine, which has become a favorite among industry leaders, enthusiasts and delegates in a short period since its global launch earlier this year. With intellectual content and a strong visual identity, InterGlobix Magazine ensures a unique blend of industry trends, insights from leading industry CEOs, interesting stories about various companies and their unique products and services, with a powerful and impactful emphasis on people and their lifestyle.

“I have been very impressed with the high-quality of publishing and depth of content featured in InterGlobix Magazine. The concept of this premier publication is very intriguing and unique as it highlights the human aspect of our industry. We are looking forward to collaborating further with InterGlobix Magazine globally”, said Dean Nelson.

“We are honored to be extending our partnership with Infrastructure Masons. Dean is an inspiration for this industry, leading an exceptional group of experts to help causes that need support. As a regular contributor in the InterGlobix Magazine, Dean has written thought-provoking articles with a message to give back to the industry through iMasons. As a proud iMasons member, I am very excited about our partnership with iMasons and InterGlobix Magazine being a platform for supporting iMasons events worldwide,” said Jasmine Bedi, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of InterGlobix Magazine.


InterGlobix Magazine is industry’s premier datacenter and connectivity reference guide. It recognizes the key shapers behind this relatively young industry and delves deep into the lifestyle of the most successful industry personalities. It features behind-the-scenes stories at datacenter construction sites, looks into the emerging subsea ports, latest terrestrial and mobile industry innovations and keeps you in the know. Each feature-rich issue offers a platform to our partners and clients to showcase their exclusive products and services. InterGlobix Magazine is owned by InterGlobix LLC, a global consulting company focused on the convergence of Data Centers, Subsea and Terrestrial Fiber. For more information, please visit


Infrastructure Masons is a group of industry professionals who design, build and operate the technical infrastructure of the digital age. The IM community is where professionals connect, grow and give back. iMasons was established in April of 2016, achieving 501(c)(6), non-profit status in September of 2016. Membership levels are established based on criteria in three categories – Experience, Economics and Stewardship. iMasons is operated by the Board and guided by the End User and Partner Advisory Councils consisting of leaders of some of the largest and most advanced technical infrastructure portfolios in the world. As of April 2017, membership exceeded 1,200 individuals representing over $100Bn in Infrastructure projects in over 130 countries.