InterGlobix Magazine supports OCP Foundation Events

Celebrating 10 years of OCP Foundation

InterGlobix Magazine executed a new Media Partnership with Open Compute Project (OCP) Foundation.

The OCP Foundation is a collaborative community focused on redesigning hardware technology to efficiently support the growing demands on compute infrastructure. The foundation was initiated in 2011 with a mission to apply the benefits of open source and open collaboration to hardware and rapidly increase the pace of innovation in the data center industry.

The Media Partnership between InterGlobix Magazine and OCP Foundation is for the following events:

  • OCP China Day | Beijing China | 27 July 2021
  • OCP Global Summit | San Jose, California | 9-10 November 2021
  • OCP Regional Summit | Pregue, Czech Republic | 13-14 April 2022

The data center industry companies that are members of the OCP Foundation share insights on products and best designs of data center products and best practices. The member companies include ASUS, Facebook, IBM, Nokia, Google, Microsoft, Seagate Technology, Dell Technologies, Rackspace Technology, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, NVIDIA, Cisco, Goldman Sachs, Fidelity Investments, Lenovo, Intel Corporation and Alibaba Group.

OCP’s collaboration model is being applied beyond the data center, helping to advance the telecom industry & EDGE infrastructure. This is in line with OCP’s mission to apply the benefits of open-source collaboration to hardware and increase innovation.

OCP is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, and we are glad to be part of this journey. For more information visit: