Internet Ecosystem Innovation Committee (IEIC)

A Global Initiative to diversify the Internet and promote global interconnection hubs

IEIC Background and Initiatives

Jasmine Bedi, InterGlobix Magazine’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief, taps in on the expertise of two industry evangelists, Clint Heiden, Founder, IEIC and Vinay Nagpal, Executive Director, IEIC. In this exclusive chat, Jasmine  excavates the background behind the inception of IEIC, some of its path-breaking initiatives and the road ahead. She also interacts with the Enterprise Founding Members who reveal why it’s a great time to be part of the digital revolution.

What is the Internet Ecosystem Innovation Committee?

IEIC is an independent group of like-minded technology and business leaders, who are part of some of the world’s most prestigious companies. This creative cluster comprises industry luminaries spanning industries including, but not limited to, banking, finance, healthcare, e-commerce, gaming, hospitality, automotive, network, subsea cable, Internet exchange, data center, Internet equipment, academia, government and IP services.

Together, these thought-leaders work as a committee to educate and support other regions in the world in their effort to enter the digital economy, while also diversifying the Internet and eliminating bottlenecks and single regions/points of failure. Although in its nascent stage, IEIC has garnered resounding success and a strong backing from the world over. It will soon offer corporate and individual memberships as it gears up for the inaugural IEIC Global Summit, slated on May 4–5, 2020, at the QTS Richmond NAP in Henrico, Virginia.

Why was the IEIC founded?

Two pivotal events spurred IEIC’s formation. The first episode, triggered off decades ago, involves the exponential growth of the Internet. The second occurrence was stimulated almost overnight with the landing of the fastest and highest capacity subsea cables from Europe, the Caribbean and South America in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Now, touted as one of the largest global interconnection points, Richmond recently became home to a Network Access Point (NAP) or commonly known as the QTS Richmond NAP with the arrival of the MAREA and BRUSA subsea cables.

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