Key Achievements Clint Heiden

Grew InterCon Systems’ annual revenue from 0 to 12 million USD

As Vice President of Worldwide Sales, played a pivotal role in transforming InterCon Systems from a start-up Internet Service Provider to a flourishing enterprise, achieving an annual revenue of $12 million. His strategic leadership propelled the company to become Japan’s inaugural ISP, solidifying its success and eventual acquisition.

Created the first Internet Service Level Agreement (SLA)

As VP of Global Markets at UUNET, achieved a milestone by creating the inaugural Internet Service Level Agreement (SLA). This groundbreaking initiative, now an industry standard, propelled UUNET to emerge as the world’s largest and most profitable ISP under his strategic leadership and foresight.

Created Qwest’s first dedicated Internet sales group

As Senior VP of Advanced IP, played a pivotal role in establishing Qwest’s inaugural dedicated Internet sales group. This strategic move, now integral to CenturyLink, positioned the company to address the escalating demands of home Internet needs. Under his leadership, the initiative resulted in an impressive annual revenue of 480 million USD.

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