In 2020, iMasons inducted its first cohort of industry luminaries to the Hall of Fame. For 2021 we are thrilled to induct these three senior leaders. The iMasons Luminary award is presented to individuals who have made continuous outstanding contributions that have facilitated the sustainable growth of Digital Infrastructure to the benefit of global economies, the planet and humanity.




Marian has spent decades working on groundbreaking technology and has over 200 patents to her name. While working in voice and data communication at AT&T Marian is credited with initiating and furthering the development of VOIP, also known as Voice Over Internet Protocol. Marian, who holds a Ph.D. in quantitative analysis from the University of Southern California, is passionate about getting the internet into areas of the world where there is none. For the past six years she’s been a VP at Google working on everything from site reliability engineering to bringing public Wi-Fi to India’s railroads, having to deal with extreme weather and high population density. Marian also serves on the board of directors of the Centre for Holocausts, Human Rights & Genocide Education.




From humble beginnings he rose to become CEO of Telecity Group and was awarded an OBE (Order of the British Empire) for his ‘Services to the Digital Economy’. He is one of the most recognized and respected people in the industry and certainly one of it’s most adventurous and athletic philanthropist. Michael is also known for his unusual but effective management style, which includes getting his team to face their fears by swimming with sharks. He is the author of three books and a board member of 16 technology companies. Michael believes now is the time to ride the wave of change and that people should embrace technology without being dragged under by the weight of old-school thinking.




Working in Cisco’s Chief Technology and Architecture Office Judy earned Cisco’s highest engineering honor as a Distinguished Engineer. Judy has 6 US patents, 30+ publications in IEEE, IMAPS, SMTA, and delivered at various technical conferences. Judy was recognized as 2018 Business Insider’s Most Powerful Female Engineers and 2020/2021 Intercon Top 50 Technical Leaders. Judy is affiliated with a number of initiatives that serve to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Some of these initiatives include TechWomen Scholarship and Mentoring Review Committee and a position on the Astia Advisory Board, a global nonprofit ensuring the success of women in high growth startups through angel funding and mentoring.