NVTC Data Center & Cloud Community Meeting: IBM AI

WHEN: 15 May 2023
WHERE: Herndon, Virginia
WHY: In continuation of its partnership with the Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC), InterGlobix Magazine was proud to support the NVTC Data Center and Cloud Community Event on the topic of “IBM AI Research & The Supercomputer ‘VELA’ deployed at the IBM NOVA Data Center.” AI models are increasingly pervading every aspect of our lives and work. With each passing year, more complex models, new techniques, and new use cases require more compute power to meet the growing demand for AI.

Seelam Seetharami giving the keynote speech
Roger Snook, Abdullah Kayi, I-Hsin Chung, Seelam Seetharami, Vinay Nagpal, and Jonathan Tuil
All the attendees of the meeting
Curious readers enjoying the latest issue of InterGlobix Magazine
Jasmine Bedi, Maureen Hardman, and Ingrid Bayer
Attendees with the latest issue of Interglobix Magazine