One-on-One with Andrew Stevens

InterGlobix Editor-in-Chief Jasmine Bedi talks with Andrew Stevens about his background and how he built CNET Training to fulfill skill gap in our industry

Can you assess the training quality today in the data center industry and highlight one of the biggest challenges, the skill shortage, that the industry is facing?

There is a good level of quality training available globally in the industry, starting from fundamental programs all the way through to master’s degree programs. But the biggest challenge we have as an industry is the actual lack of real and long-term commitment from the C-suite to invest in developing the industry for the good of the overall industry and not just their own organizations. I have seen some very short-sighted approaches to addressing the skills shortage issue. As an industry we need to work together on many levels to raise awareness of the industry and turn it into an industry that people want to join with recognized career opportunities.

How do you see the skill gaps being filled?

To be honest I don’t see it being filled at the present time. I hear a lot of talk at conferences and within associations about possible ways to address the skill gaps, but the theme appears to be that they always seem to want a short-term fix — and that simply won’t work.  We need to be looking at strategies that are going to take 10 years before we reap the rewards. We also need to look at other industries and learn from them. However this route doesn’t seem to be considered by the data center industry yet.

What are the objectives for CNet in the next five years and the strategy to accomplish these objectives?

CNet intends to continue its global growth with new regional offices being established in different countries. We are also designing a range of new programs to be released, these will be available in a number of different languages. And we will capitalize on our own innovative technology to expand our program delivery methods to ensure our programs are as accessible as possible to our global customers. Being completely customer-focused, we listen very closely to our customers’ needs and work with them to provide solutions for their teams that ensure they have the correct skills, knowledge and confidence to deliver great quality of service themselves.

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