Power Play

Jasmine Bedi, Founder & Editor-in-Chief of IG Magazine exclusively interviews
eight preeminent Internet influencers to find out about their plans that will
immensely impact the expansion and implementation of diversity, spanning
social, economic, business, technological and educational realms of our daily
lives and the region. An industry-wide movement has been started in Richmond,
the capital city of Virginia.

QTS Richmond NAP is a new powerful wave in the industry, a collective effort by some of the most powerful players from the Internet faternity to catalyze an unimaginable and legendary transformation of the Internet in the years to come. The inaugural QTS Richmond NAP Summit held on May 7th, 2019 truly brought the industry together in a remarkable way, steering the whole industry to adapt towards the new NAP as quickly as possible.

Vint Cerf - Chief Internet Evangelist, Google and Father of the Internet
Clint Heiden - Chief Revenue Officer, QTS Data Centers, Co-Founder and Member, QTS Richmond NAP
Rafael Arranz - Chief Operating Officer, Telxius
Steve Alexander - Chief Technology Officer, Ciena
John Vithoulkas - County Manager, Henrico County
Frank Rey - An industry veteran with more than 20 years of global Internet technology experience
Vinay Nagpal - President, InterGlobix | Co-Founder & Member, QTS Richmond NAP