Speeding The Delivery Of Medical Images

Case Study: Intelerad Healthcare Industry

Intelerad is a leading provider of medical imaging software and services for the healthcare industry, with headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Montréal, Quebec. Intelerad connects multiple Flexential colocation deployments with a single connection to minimize costs and improve efficiency. With more than 850 employees across six countries, Intelerad supports 2,500 healthcare organizations worldwide, helping them manage patient data, reduce time and workload, and improve patient outcomes.


Intelerad’s growth requires new data center locations to support low-latency delivery of medical imaging

Intelerad’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions ensure its healthcare customers can seamlessly manage, access, and share high-resolution radiology files and other critical patient data. The speed at which medical providers can access and share these files is essential to Intelerad’s business and the ability of healthcare providers to deliver exceptional and timely patient care.

Less than three years ago, Intelerad acquired seven companies, and its IT needs intensified. These acquisitions, combined with the organic sales growth of its SaaS products, required the company to expand its existing Flexential colocation presences in Atlanta, Nashville and Denver and in order to limit latency, introduce new facilities close to its newly acquired customer base. This accelerated growth also prompted the company to build additional redundancies into its existing IT strategy in order to promote uptime, providing uninterrupted access to medical records.


Flexential provided diverse data center deployments with robust interconnectivity  that limits latency and boosts resilience

Building on a successful 13-year partnership, Intelerad opted to expand its data center presence with Flexential, leveraging the company’s scalable, highly connected FlexAnywhere™ platform to deploy private cabinets within The Flexential Dallas – Plano facility. This enabled low-latency delivery to new customer bases on the West Coast and within a second Nashville location, expanding its presence within this region. The FlexAnywhere platform also enables Intelerad to integrate these geo-dispersed facilities with hyperscale cloud, disaster recovery, and diverse interconnections to create a solution that scales and flexes with its evolving and growing needs.

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