Technology Champion

The Technology Champion Award is a new category and recognizes people who are demonstrably committed to leveraging technology to help save the planet and advance humanity. Our vision statement is to Promote Innovation and Technical Excellence so that Every Innovation is realized.




Ali is a leading thinker in the field of carbon accounting and standards evolution, driving both independent research and data science, and collaborative work in forums such as the WBCSD and the CEP. Ali is herself a technologist and is the President of ITRenew which is creating a circular economy for IT equipment on a global scale. By utilizing a circular economy ITRenew gives new life to old products and upcycling what once might have been discarded, a new product does not have to be manufactured, thus reducing the carbon footprint by eliminating the hugely significant 75% of carbon emissions tied to the manufacturing process of IT equipment. Ali and her team at IT Renew are working with the world’s largest hyperscale cloud service providers and others to transform the way their data center infrastructure is deployed and managed and the impact it has on the climate. Ali also oversees all ESG functions and initiatives at ITRenew, including championing D & I, with a focus on advancing equity from recruiting practices through to marshaling a culture of belonging, value, and advancement.