The SubOptic Institute

Building on the SubOptic Foundation’s success for a brighter subsea fiber optic future

This article is the second of a two-part series in support of the SubOptic Foundation and their work to foster the next generation of global submarine communications industry leaders. The first article appeared in Issue 11.

In the previous issue of InterGlobix Magazine, we discussed how our nonprofit SupOptic Foundation is working to ensure long-term continuity in the submarine fiber optic knowledge base. Through four different initiatives—the Subsea Optical Fiber Communication Summer School, Regional Subsea Symposia, the CrewTube Video Library, and the SubOptic Mentorship Program—the foundation is readying the fiber optic leaders of tomorrow for the industry’s critical challenges.

While these four well-established pillars of educational opportunities have achieved a lot in a short amount of time and set a great foundation for establishing and maintaining subsea fiber optic knowledge continuity, there’s still a lot of groundwork to be laid before we can be confident the industry’s knowledge base will stand the test of time-and continue to weather and adapt to new climates.

That’s where our blueprints for the SubOptic Institute come in.

Broadening the Vision: The SubOptic Institute

With these four successful pillars of training opportunities in mind, the foundation is now looking to use the pillars as building blocks for the “SubOptic Institute.” This institute would be a global training platform that integrates and disseminates formal and informal knowledge through a coherent educational program. Through this multi-disciplinary program, it would provide training across levels and geographies to facilitate student and young professional development in the fiber optic subsea cable industry.

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What You Can Do to Help

The foundation’s success so far has been entirely dependent on the goodwill of industry participants and their generous contributions of time and financial support. The plans described above call for a stepping up of these contributions from all who believe that this industry can and should be sustained by offering exciting, stimulating, and rewarding careers to young people. We are asking you, readers, to consider joining us by becoming a mentor, or sponsoring mentees and students. Alternatively, you can contribute by becoming a symposium lecturer or arranging an internship program within your firm. Or, if you want to support these initiatives but do not have time to spare, you and your company can always support the SubOptic Foundation and its SubOptic Institute financially.

That unassuming girl in a sixth-grade classroom, decked out with nothing more than benches and a chalkboard as teaching aids, may hold the key in her fast-developing brain to ensure our industry continues to be at the forefront of sustainably building a connected planet for the benefit of humankind. Through the SubOptic Foundation, you can be part of realizing her potential.