2021 The Year In Review: Andy Power

President & Chief Financial Officer

What stands out about 2021 from a senior leadership perspective?

Looking back at 2021, I’m struck by how much we achieved under challenging conditions. A key focus was executing on our global expansion strategy. We entered new markets and expanded PlatformDIGITAL®, our global data center platform, in locations both East and West.

We made significant investments to allow us to carry out our platform and footprint expansions, while evolving our capital structure. Enabling these developments also involved moving at record speeds to bring on new capacity and build out existing facilities. Achieving all this in a world beset by pandemic-related supply chain disruptions, and where fewer people were traveling, certainly added layers of complexity. But that in turn allowed us to focus on improving our capacity to work in an agile way and respond quickly to new challenges.

In Q3 we saw exceptional growth with a record 140 new customers on PlatformDIGITAL® further expanding our connected data communities. That all this was achieved remotely, with customers welcomed aboard without having physically shaken the hand of a Digital Realty team member, is true testament to our ability to respond in agile fashion to extraordinary circumstances.