Anita Ali

Digital Product Management Director, Wells Fargo

Anita Ali is a transformational technology executive specializing in building next-generation enterprise platforms with digital and cognitive capabilities. In her role as Digital Product Management Director at Wells Fargo, she utilizes AI and automation to transform the user experience. Previously, she pioneered customer- and employee-focused, AI-driven product and workforce digital transformation strategies for F50s, driving growth and efficiency, reaping impactful ROI, and building measurable loyalty.

She is a global advocate for women and girls in STEM and is deeply committed to equity and alleviating human suffering. She currently serves as a board director for the American Red Cross.

There are so many ways someone can make their way into the digital infrastructure industry. Tell us a bit about your journey, what led you down this path, and how you got to where you are now.

My career journey was a bit different than the traditional path, and much of it had to do with seeking out and discovering ways I could make the biggest difference for businesses and users. After graduating with a degree in information technology with a minor in business, I started as a full-stack developer before venturing into technology consulting to gain valuable experience working on initiatives across industries. I was able to understand better what customers wanted—and sometimes didn’t know they needed—and I could see opportunities for new tech capabilities. So, I shifted my focus toward new product development. For instance, I scaled a marketing automation platform in multiple languages that reaped 85 percent revenue growth for IT channel partners of F100 companies. Likewise, I launched a novel multi-sided platform that connected over a million pharmaceutical suppliers and buyers from 120 countries to deliver a comprehensive digital supply chain for the pharmaceutical industry.

Seeing the importance of infrastructure and operations, I decided to transition into this domain. In the beginning, it was a bit daunting, but I stuck with it and leaned on my strengths: writing code and knowing how to talk with customers to resolve their challenges. I led an IT transformation by implementing end-to-end automation and introducing a digital workforce platform that recovered 300,000+ hours of human effort and achieved a 93 percent resolution rate. This initiative significantly enhanced customer satisfaction, reduced operating expenses, and provided a rapid ROI. I also developed and executed an operational stability strategy where I leveraged an AIOps platform to automate processes between IT operations and service management for critical applications, which resulted in a significant reduction in Mean Time to Repair.

What has driven me from the beginning continues to help shape my path. I am eager to navigate the evolving landscape of innovation and leverage emerging technologies to advance product management and enhance employee and customer experiences.

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