Bringing The World Together

How DE-CIX is leading the way for next-generation digital infrastructure

With meteoric growth in data traffic over the last few years and an insatiable appetite for applications and data-driven services, our industry is defined by continual transformation and increased demand. From the steady process of digitalization to optimizing workflows and expanding communication and entertainment capabilities, creating an increasingly interconnected and low latency infrastructure is crucial in keeping the Internet working and ready to meet our needs—and DE-CIX is the critical part at the heart of that.

As a data center neutral and network carrier neutral Internet Exchange (IX) operator, DE-CIX establishes digital ecosystems that have the ability to maximize performance and minimize latency of connectivity of enterprises and people everywhere, at any time, while boosting the security, resilience, and flexibility of that connectivity. Through an ever-growing ecosystem of partners, products, and services, DE-CIX is continually evolving to meet and adapt to both global and local connectivity requirements. In recognizing this need to build out densely and globally distributed interconnected, resilient infrastructure while simultaneously offering an increasing array of specialized and customizable interconnection services across all enterprise sectors in all corners of the world, DE-CIX is paving the way for the infrastructure of the future.

As the largest neutral interconnection ecosystem on the planet, DE-CIX doesn’t just improve connectivity and decrease latency on the Earth—they’re also working above it. The Space-IX program supports all the infrastructure needs of space network operators so that any connecting satellite networks (LEO, MEO or GEO) have even more potential to deliver Internet to regions of the world that have so far missed out. Through enabling shared data traffic, applications, and content, the Space-IX program unites all types of networks, from satellites to terrestrial to mobile, in one collaborative ecosystem.

The power of DE-CIX services doesn’t just stop at network connection, either. After operating Internet Exchanges for more than 25 years, DE-CIX has a wealth of knowledge about not only the technology needed to run IX platforms, but also everything that can make interconnectivity easy, anywhere—and they want to share it through the Global Interconnection Academy. The Global Interconnection Academy, jointly established by DE-CIX and the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) in Barcelona, offers a training program as of the end of 2022. It seeks to provide a global standard certificate of excellence for interconnection experts, combining advanced technical, operational, and business-related knowledge and providing insight on how interconnection can satisfy the demands resulting from digital transformation.

From left to right: Sebastian Seifert, CFO; Dr. Thomas King, CTO; Klaus Landefeld, Vice Chair of the Supervisory Board; Ivo Ivanov, CEO & Chair of the Board; Felix Höger, Chair of the Supervisory Board; Harald A. Summa, Member of the Supervisory Board; Christian Reuter, CSO; Rudolf van Megen, Member of the Supervisory Board.

In this cover story, DE-CIX leaders talk us through how changes in company structure, digital superhighways through Space-IX, expert-led offerings of the DE-CIX/UPF Interconnection Academy, and adaptability to evolving digital demands are getting us ready for unparalleled interconnectivity and the metaverse-and beyond.

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